Brooklyn Ironhide
Brooklyn Ironhide Traveling:  Missions Away From Home

Brooklyn Ironhide will be protecting Comic Cons, Festivals,
Art Shows, Parades and other events outside of NYC.
Please enjoy this cool music by Steve Jablonsky!

2012 AnimeNext

                                                                                                        - heregoesnothing - -x,  on DeviantArt
"What kind of planet is this, so soft and mushy!"

                                                                               - Darryl Brooks,
'AnimeNext' is for cosplayers, and held each spring in Somerset, New Jersey!
They had me at the entrance, checking tickets...

                                                                                                                                - Amanda ... xtoxicneon
"Say, ahem, I know a little repair shop nearby that serves really good spark plugs..."

                                                        - Philip Ng,
"Aaarrrgghh...okay, okay, I'll relax a bit..."

                                                                                                   - Alan Camuto

                                                               - Amanda...xtoxicneon

"I know, I know...'put the helmet back on and stop scaring little children'...alright"
...water...somebody,  please...

                    - Alan Camuto,  for hire @
After this performance, I added two shovel handles on his body and did a third design of his feet.

                                                                                                                                                        - Alex Perez
This 'bot - at 168 lbs. - is the limit of what my body can handle,  even being a gym rat.
I expect 'Brooklyn Starscream' to terrorize the 2013 AnimeNext.

More traveling missions to follow soon!

                                                                                              - Eileen Zolkos + Irfanview filtering

                                                                                           - xmisae-bee94x

                                                                             - Eileen Zolkos + Irfanview filtering

                                                                                          - Alan Camuto 

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Ironhide was shot in the back because Sentinel knew he was tough,
and didn't want to take him on face-to-face!

 Listen to  Transformers ROTF: The Score  by Steve Jablonsky

                                                                                                           - Alan Camuto,

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